Thursday, August 03, 2006
cant stop now... doncha know!
Yaz (or Yazoo depending on which side of the pond that you reside on) is the name of the band you see to the left of this "witty" introduction. See that dude? He was in the original line-up of Depeshe Mode and still is in Erasure to this day.

Today im featuring just one song, but dont worry, there are plenty of remixes of it! (Aw hell, I'll throw in a Yazoo/Erasure megamix too!)

(Yaz/Britney Mashup)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The very first 12" record I ever owned was "Don't Go!". I think I was a zygote when my parents got it for me in Christmas of '82... okay, I was 8.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for the great Yaz mixes. Was heartbroken when they split, but was rewarded with some great Alison Moyet solo albums.

Downloaded the Yaz/Erasure Megamix and sounded pretty good, unfortunately it abruptly stops at 2:48.

Please, please repost complete version.