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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Heres the UK release dates for THE SPICE GIRLS!!!

W.O.M.A.N (29th October 2007) (single)

Greatest (5th November 2007) (album)


HELL YES! THE SPICE GIRLS ARE BACK! (Oh, and arent allowed to get pregnant).
Friday, June 22, 2007
Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Is Pop coming back?
Like I said HERE last year and HERE back in '95 (not to mention countless other times to many people), I TRULY believe music trends tend to go in circles....

To sum up my theory:
near the end of every decade, pop and dance start making a comeback, peak and blowout a little past the beginning of the next decade.

'05 showed signs of a possible upcoming emergence (as the second link shows)
'06 continued these signs and seemed to step it up


*Rihanna's new album (well, the first half) is dance/pop and unashamed of it.
*Darren Hayes new album supports this theory (what ive heard of it)
*The Spice Girl reunion chances actually seeing the light of day



My bet..... This time next year, it will be undeniable. Pop will be coming back.
Monday, May 28, 2007
SPARK*POP is BACK! (kinda)
S*P is back... kinda. S*P became too big, and lost its original goal of promoting music that *I* like and introducing it to the american audience.

These days music blogs are a dime a dozen. I however, am not.

SPARK*POP is now just my audioblog. Just like it was in the beginning. AND just to anwser any questions, there was no behind the scenes drama with the demise of S*P. Even ask the others who used to contribute! We are all still friends.

So no drama. just great music from me. Yay. S*P is back.

Darren Hayes of Savage Garden fame will releasing an epic new 2 CD album this August. Some of the first music has been debuted on his website and the single "Step Into The Light" has been served to US dance radio stations via a new dance mix.

He is doing club dates in the USA, UK and OZ. Visit his website for more info/tickets!

Darren Hayes - "Step Into The Light" (Moto Blanco Radio edit)
Monday, April 09, 2007
An Announcement
After much thought and consideration, it has been decided to bring SPARK*POP to a close.

Unfortunatly, most of the "staff" and I are too busy to give S*P the attention that it in fact deserves. The goal of this blog was to open up some american ears to the GREAT music being released worldwide (but not stateside). Unfortuantly, living in the USA, its A LOT more work to discover awesome music from around the globe (that is NOT getting played in the USA). It was totally worth it and I have every intention of continuing my quest.

We had an AMAZING 2 years and I thank each and every one of you who has visited the site in that time. I wanna thank Terry, Ryan, Zane, Phil and anyone else who contributed to this blog. I also thank the SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN newspaper for the awesome article that mentioned S*P and for all the compliments. I want to thank the record companies that contributed material and news and I also wanna say thanks for all the advertising offers on the site. We never featured any adverts, but its flattering that they had enough faith in the site to ask.

All is not lost, I will be contributing regularly to DontStopThePop!
This way, you still benefit from my awesome music taste!
Align Left(haha)

Thanks again for two great years.

Monday, March 12, 2007
Ten Years Ago
This time ten years ago, a glimmer of pop music hope was just begining. Early 1997, Savage Garden was ruling the american airwaves with their first single, "I Want You". In the #6 position on the Billboard album chart was a little-known girl band who had just appeared with their first single, "Wannabe", released their album and then released ANOTHER album. "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" was the first Backstreet Boys single and was released in, you guessed it, 1997. Of course, there was still much wading thru crap like Jewel and LeAnn Rhymes, but the stage had been set for pops comeback.

We salute you 1997! Heres hoping that history repeats itself!

Savage Garden - "I Want You" (Sash Radio Edit)

Savage Garden - "To The Moon and Back" (original Almighty Fired Up Mix)

Spice Girls - "Outer Space Girls"

Spice Girls - "One of These Girls"

Monday, March 05, 2007

One of my top 3 favorite bands, Roxette just released a GREATEST HITS/DVD package here in the states.
That in itself is remarkable.
Get this. They have somehow managed to make it on to the NewNowNext weekly countdown.
OKAY, Now get this.

This is great news! Its GREAT to see Roxette back on the air in the states (besides endless plays of "It Must Have Been Love").

Now im asking you to CLICK HERE and vote for Roxette's "One Wish". Help show the record companies that europop has a real following here.

and when your done with that.. a little reminder why we love Roxette so much!

GO BUY THE CD (or the CD/DVD combo). Sales means more europop.

Saturday, March 03, 2007
Sorry.... im somehow deleted half this post while trying to add a picture and im too lazy to repost it all. New post later
Monday, February 19, 2007
The #1 song of '06, EN ESPANOL!
The band to the left is STEFY. You know this because we cant stop talking about them on this site. Besides wanting to bang the keyboardist, I happen to enjoy their music.

I chose "Chelsea" as my #1 song of 2006. Recently a spanglish version has been released. Love it!

Stefy - "Chelsea" (Spanglish)
Friday, February 09, 2007
Anna Nicole... Rest in Peace
Im sure that you have heard by now that Anna Nicole Smith passed away yesterday in Florida.

You know her story, so im not gonna repeat it. It really is sad. I was a fan of hers after seeing her reality show. I was shocked by the news of the death of her son, but this was just CRAZY. It didnt feel real all day yesterday.

Perhaps that why you arent getting this post until now.

It was quite obvious that Anna Nicole suffered on a daily basis with her various demons and its very sad to see it all end up this way. She was only human. The media circus surrounding this has been ridiculous.

You will be missed Anna Nicole.

Anna Nicole Smith - "My Heart Belongs To Daddy"

Anna Nicole Show Theme Song (Extended Mix)
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
The NEW Spark Pop
It's been AGES since this blog has got a good makeover... so now is the time! Very soon we will unveil the brand new Spark Pop to you... but for now enjoy the new logo!

The banner is so amazing... just wait till you see it =]
Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Would you like to try? // Confessions Tour Preview
Oh hey, long time no post right?
I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite tracks
from the upcoming Confessions Tour CD/DVD
Make sure you get this on Tuesday!

Future Lovers/I Feel Love
(yup that is her singing Donna Summer)
Like A Virgin
Music Inferno
(Music mashed with Disco Inferno)
Sunday, January 14, 2007
Rob Thomas - Borderline (Live Cover)
Rob Thomas performed
a cover of Madonna's
song Borderline, It is
really beautiful.
Check it out.

Rob Thomas - Borderline (Live)

Support Rob and buy his CD
"Something To Be"