Monday, May 28, 2007
SPARK*POP is BACK! (kinda)
S*P is back... kinda. S*P became too big, and lost its original goal of promoting music that *I* like and introducing it to the american audience.

These days music blogs are a dime a dozen. I however, am not.

SPARK*POP is now just my audioblog. Just like it was in the beginning. AND just to anwser any questions, there was no behind the scenes drama with the demise of S*P. Even ask the others who used to contribute! We are all still friends.

So no drama. just great music from me. Yay. S*P is back.

Darren Hayes of Savage Garden fame will releasing an epic new 2 CD album this August. Some of the first music has been debuted on his website and the single "Step Into The Light" has been served to US dance radio stations via a new dance mix.

He is doing club dates in the USA, UK and OZ. Visit his website for more info/tickets!

Darren Hayes - "Step Into The Light" (Moto Blanco Radio edit)