Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 is almost over! Can you freakin believe it?

The past two years, ive looked at my YEAR-END countdowns and wondered if I would be able to even pick 10 good songs in the next year. Well luckily, SOME good music squeaked thru.

Im not worried though. AS I POINTED OUT A YEAR AGO... History repeats itself.... at the end of each decade since the '60s, the POP and DANCE music start to have a stateside resurgance. Its almost time. Just watch.

This is the first year that I have actually placed the songs in any kind of an order. Previous years, I just posted the 10 best.

Hopefully '07 will make the task of ONLY picking 10 songs even harder next year, im certainly up for the challenge! I wouldnt count on it just yet though.

Heres my TOP 10 of '06

Roxane - "Push It"

Belgium introduced us to Roxane, via EUROVISION this year. The song didnt win (the good ones never do) but Roxane did find herself a large fan following. Cant wait to hear whats next!

Rihanna - "SOS"

OK, so who in the free world DOESNT know this song? I didnt want to like it but it quickly grew on me. The "Tainted Love" sample helped it to lead HUGE commercial success worldwide. I love when an artist can use a sample and do something COMPLETELY different with it, not just copy it.

Nelly Furtado - "Say It Right"

I STILL cannot believe this song was released stateside! Its at #6 this week on the US Billboard charts. This is my absolute favourite song off of her album LOOSE.

Goldfrapp - "Ride A White Horse"

BRILLIANT song... its about the only Goldfrapp song I havent heard on a TV commercial lately. If you havent seen the video yet, I recommend checking it out.

Darren Hayes - "Something in the Sky"

This song was a b-side on the "So Beautiful" single. It sounds like it should have been on his The Tension and the Spark album.

The Savage Garden Greatest Hits collection was also released this year. The record company however did ZERO promotion and the CDs were quite hard to find stateside.

All Saints - "Rock Steady"

The "Never Ever" girls reappeared from pop obscurity this year with a suprisingly great song and an even better fued with Girls Aloud. Once again, this saw no release in the states and probably never will.

Elize - "Into Your System"

After hearing "Automatic", I knew she wouldnt be able to do anything better ever again and gave up hope on her. Her previous singles kinda... sucked. THEN SHE RELEASED THIS.

Thank You Elize. All hope is not lost.

Rouge Traders - "Voodoo Child"

AMAZING SONG..... and an album with FOUR SONGS that I like!? Thats rare these days! They had some GREAT follow up singles and they started to see a UK release late in the year. This song has gone TOP 5 everywhere it has been released (but Ireland). If you havent heard it yet, CHECK IT OUT!

Sugababes - "Easy"

I can sum this song up in one word... RELIEF. I was worried about the post-Mutya Sugababes but at least this one song shows hope.

I miss Mutya.


If you STILL havent heard this track, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!? You need to go to iTunes and buy it RIGHT NOW! NOW! Its *THAT GOOD*