Monday, April 09, 2007
An Announcement
After much thought and consideration, it has been decided to bring SPARK*POP to a close.

Unfortunatly, most of the "staff" and I are too busy to give S*P the attention that it in fact deserves. The goal of this blog was to open up some american ears to the GREAT music being released worldwide (but not stateside). Unfortuantly, living in the USA, its A LOT more work to discover awesome music from around the globe (that is NOT getting played in the USA). It was totally worth it and I have every intention of continuing my quest.

We had an AMAZING 2 years and I thank each and every one of you who has visited the site in that time. I wanna thank Terry, Ryan, Zane, Phil and anyone else who contributed to this blog. I also thank the SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN newspaper for the awesome article that mentioned S*P and for all the compliments. I want to thank the record companies that contributed material and news and I also wanna say thanks for all the advertising offers on the site. We never featured any adverts, but its flattering that they had enough faith in the site to ask.

All is not lost, I will be contributing regularly to DontStopThePop!
This way, you still benefit from my awesome music taste!
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Thanks again for two great years.