Monday, October 24, 2005
Forgive us.....
We are about to relaunch SPARK*POP and its taking a little longer than expected. Not to worry, we have decided to keep updating regardless!


News from Miami 10/11/2005

Hi everybody!!!!!!!!! I am in Miami on the last week of finishing album number three!!! It is almost finished, and the definate title is : "Loose". I have been recording with Timbaland for the last 3 months, and he has ended up producing most of the album....the experience has been incredible, and long overdue..listen closely...our first clubplay single is out any day now.. Other than that, I have been preping for my first film, entitled " Nobody's Hero"..details on that soon....
Well, I better get back to work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and kisses,

Ps....a new website is underway.....

[posted 10/11/2005 U.S.A.]