Monday, December 12, 2005

OK, so the same phedophile who formed/launched N*Sync and Backstreet Boys is back with a whole new group of boys for us. Im never too big on the track details because I figure HEY.. the song speaks for itself so im gonna suggest you give this a listen. They are 2 power pop songs... not ballads but dont worry, they have plenty of those on their album

Pop is due for a comeback in the next years so I thought I would give you a sample of things to come....

Here We Go (radio edit)
(you know a boy band just isnt a boy band unless they do a song titled HERE WE GO)

Just Because of You
(current single)

Let me know what you think!

Blogger Chris said...
I hate the fact that US5 murdered Abba's 'One Of Us' for the album. Argh.

'Just Because Of You' is alright though.

Blogger Aaryn said...
Yeah... the album is total cheese.. ah well. Maybe better stuff is on its way out!

Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous Kain said...
I think it may be my age, but I'm just tired of boyband albums with its cheesy pop music. Just Because Of You is undeniably catchy though. The tune is stuck in my head. Well done, guys.

Blogger Aaryn said...
haha I agree but its funny for nostaglia purposes.... and hell BSB just released that album.. this could be scary