Saturday, December 17, 2005
JAMS OF THE YEAR : 2003 in review
JAMS OF THE YEAR : 2003 in review

STELLAR tracks for you today!

Good luck trying to find out anything about the group that does this song. I first heard it on Energy 92.7/5 in Chicago and then on Energy 92.7/101.1 here in Phoenix. Awesome upbeat euro track. Remake of the late Laura Branigan classic.

Aria - "Ti Amo"

(we miss you Laura! R.I.P)

THE JAM! I couldnt obtain this song for SO long and I FREAKED OUT! SHE EVEN CHANGED HER LAST NAME AFTER THE RELASE making it even TOUGHER! In the end I finally found it... dont worry though! Its out NOW on CD/Vinyl from Ultra Records! It was so worth it. Remake of the 80s Starpoint classic.

Dana Rayne/Ritacco - "Object of My Desire"

Made by some french producers or something... Another great upbeat euro tune from '03! Amazing vocals! Half Naked woman in the video.. typical dance video : p>

-MY TOP 10 of 2003-

"Ti Amo" - Aria
"Sound of Violence" (Narcotic Thrust Mix) - Cassius
"All The Things she Said" - tatu
"Something" - Lasgo
"Gossip Folks" - Missy Elliot
"Relations" - Erika
"Burn For You" - Kreo
"Ravine" - Ace of Base
"Object of My Desire" (Hyperspace Breakbeat Mix) - Dana Rayne
"So I Begin " - Galleon

Let me know what you think!

Anonymous Steven said...
object of my desire is from 2003??? huh, thought it was from 2004, musta been a sleeper.

kreo was the shit, and i listened to lasgo so much i never want to hear it again.

Blogger Aaryn said...
When I first found the song, she was still going by Dana Ritacco! Sleeper.. defenatly