Sunday, December 25, 2005
TOP TRACKS OF THE YEAR : 2002 in Review
TOP TRACKS OF THE YEAR : 2002 in Review
(New music coming TOMMORROW!)

This is the song that Dannii Minogue bought the rights to, rerecorded, ruined and released a year after its original release. I much prefer the JCA version.

JCA - I Begin to Wonder

SO... this isnt your typical ATB track. Far from his previous work. Well, he decided to remake and remix the song AGAIN but this time slow it down and add a male vocalist. This isnt that version. This is the GOOD one. Why do ppl feel the need to ruin perfectly good music?

ATB - "Let U Go" (Airplay Mix)

I *LOVE* this freaking song! Some one hit wonder group from Australia or something. I think it was some dj... HA! If you really care, look it up yourself :P>

Puretone - "Addicted To Bass"

-MY TOP 10 of 2002-

"Gotta Get Thru This" - Daniel Bedingfield
"Let U Go" - ATB
"Resurrection" - PPK
"Addicted to Bass" - Puretone
"Different Kind Of Lovesong (Johnny Rocks radio edit)" - Cher
"Murder On The Dancefloor" - Sophie Ellis Bextor
"I Begin To Wonder" - JCA
"Punk" - Ferry Corstein
"What U Did To Me (remix)" - Rockell
"Burn For You" - Kreo


Blogger Veedz said...
I wouldn't say Dannii ruined IBTW... She just offered a new perspective on it. I like to look at the two versions as entirely different songs, as there are some clear differences between them, notably the lyrics. Dannii's version is almost like a sequel to JCA/Dacia Bridges original, rather than a remake of it.

Just putting my two cents in. :-P

I'm really loving SparkPop, by the way. Hope you'll check out the new funkylicious*grooves when it re-opens next month.


Blogger Aaryn said...
f*g is already on my list of world music blogs that I frequent :D>

thanks for the kind words!