Sunday, January 08, 2006
Better late than never... right?

This is Robyn. You might remember her from the 90s hit songs "Show Me Love" and "Do You Know What It Takes". Well in mid-2005, she released her 4th album on her newly formed label, Konichiwa. She is the one and only artist signed to this label because it was created to release ONLY her music.

She took a big chance and it payed off. The self-titled album ROBYN debuted at #1 on the swedish album charts and included a string of hit singles (still being released!). Unfortunatly I didnt stumble upon Robyn until last month (gotta love living in america) but it just wouldnt be fair not to promote one of the BEST albums of 2005 since it came too late to place on my end of the years charts. If this album saw a full european release, it would TEAR SOME SHIT UP. I expected total CRAP before I played the album. Robyn put me in my place.

Robyn - "Whos That Girl"

Robyn - "Be Mine!"

electropop, pop

Robyn - "Crash and Burn Girl"
Anonymous steven said...
i freaking love this album, crash and burn girl and kanichiwa bitches are my favorite songs off it!

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
Her album is very good!

Anonymous FJ said...
loved since the first time i saw "Keep This Fire Burning" On Tv, the new album is HAWT! my fav track is "Kunichiwa Bitches!"

Anonymous AARYN said...
Yeah, I was WWAAYYY behind with this one! LoL!

Robyn still needed her props. hehe...

Anonymous Lee said...
From her debut robyn is here, through My truth (my personal favourite), Don't stop the music, and now ROBYN... This lady is sure to be around for a long time!

Keep this Robyn Fire burning people!!!!

Love and peace