Tuesday, January 17, 2006
The best member of the group left and I didnt say a thing. I gave this ugly new chick a chance. I THEN found out my FAVOURITE song from their recent album was being released as the next single. Today I find out that the version that will be released has the new UGLY chicks vocals. Then I HEARD it.

Boo Sugababes, Boo.

Thanks for ruining your best song of all time.

< /rant >

bleh....... what do you think?
Anonymous LITA said...
I really think you need to calm down a little. Yeah, it's gonna sound weird when you're used to Mutya's vocals. Yeah you're gonna be upset that your favourite member's been replaced. But listen to it a few times and it really isn't that different. You'll get used to it. I think people are being a little hysterical about this.

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
It's growing on me big time lol! Can't wait for the HQ rip of it to leak

Anonymous Alexander said...
Did you know Roxane has entered the Belgian ESC-preselection with 'Push It'? If not, you do now. ;)