Friday, January 27, 2006
Pardon my Flop.

Back in November , I shared my opinion of ORAL FIXATION 2. I said it totally sucks and TIMOR was the only decent song on the album. Now please dont get me wrong here. I LOVE me some Shakira. Anyone who knows me knows this. I was just guinuinely displeased with this album. DONT BOTHER still hasent even grown on me.

Turns out that I was right. Now with only the first single released (a LLOONNGG time ago I might add), the album is sitting at #77 in the US album charts. SEVENTY-SEVEN. Neil Diamond and Enya are even charting MUCH higher than this album is.

Wheres the next single you say? Well instead of being at the NRJ FINLAND AWARDS like she was supposed to, she was RECORDING HER SECOND SINGLE!?

They are claiming its because they are releasing a "special edition" of the album. Special Editions contain bsides, rarities, videos and remixes. Not new singles.

Well hopefully we will get some good tracks out of this whole fiasco! You know Sony will make sure of that ; )>
Anonymous Veedz said...
okay, okay, which one of you thought that question mark would be funny? hmm? i think some beatings are in order.

Anonymous SparkPopJunkie said...
Okay- what the fuck?

I come here for the best and latest news on GOOD pop, electro, and dance, and you fucking post Shakira?

DATED Shakira?

Get with it Aaryn. Please.

Anonymous AARYN said...

Anonymous Veedz said...
Aaryn - I'd lock your doors tonight if I were you. Not that this will stop me, but you should probably get into the habit anyway.

SparkPopJunkie - Shakira is pretty. And short. So pick on someone your own size.

Anonymous 3ddfreak said...
A few days ago I saw "Push it!" from Roxane on this blog. Here is another song of her: "Television Game" download here: