Saturday, January 07, 2006
Psycho Radio
I discovered Psycho Radio awhile back when I bought Best of Dance Rock, the song "Right Stuff" is a really good electro stomper. I went and looked them up on the net and found out they only had out one song, but tonight I decided to look them up on (a very good music website for electro, dance, & house fans), and found another song of his called " Sound is Shocking" and I just love it! FYI his songs feature the vocalist L.C. Anderson. I uploaded these 2 songs along with a rare Sugababes remix.

L.C. Anderson Vs. Psycho Radio - Right Stuff

L.C. Anderson Vs. Psyscho Radio - Sound Is Shocking

Sugababes - Push The Button (Psycho Radio Remix)
Anonymous AARYN said...
Ive had RIGHT STUFF for about a year now... LOVE IT!