Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lene Nystrøm went solo from Aqua, and did what? Well of course she made one of the best pop albums of 2003. Sad enough it flopped miserably, but we can only hope she returns with a new album soon.

Lene Nystrøm - It's Your Duty
Lene Nystrøm - Virgin Superstar

Tina Cousins, well she covered Black's "Wonderful Life" this past summer, and it was quite a club hit if I remember correctly. Her album "Mastermind" is packed full of electro pop gems. Her new single "Pretty Young Thing" is out soon!

Tina Cousins - Come To Me
Tina Cousins - Pretty Young Thing

You gotta love Angel City, even though all the singles from their album are covers, but don't let that put you off, they did manage to make one hell of an album!

Angel City - Stars
Angel City - Confession

...and there we have it!
Anonymous Paul said...
Tina's Pretty Young Thing is ace, and a big favourite of mine on the album. I loved the original Lene version too, but it sounds fantastic as a slice of cheap electro pop too.

Anonymous Veedz said...
I finally got around to linking you guys on f*g, because I'm madly in love with you both, but until now I was too lazy to express it.



PS - I SOOOOOOOOO had the asterisk first.