Tuesday, January 10, 2006
ITS FINALLY HERE! SPARK*POP-FM is now ON THE AIR webcasting world wide via the Last.FM radio network!

Its free, it has no commercials and best of all has all the best DANCE, EURO and POP hits from the 80s - Now! A 2nd S*P-FM channel may be launched in the future.

Just click the image in the top right corner of SPARK*POP and away you go!
Anonymous justin said...
ahhh, just wanted to comment and say:

AWESOME WEB SITE! please keep it up. the music, design and content is incredible. you guys are doing an incredible job.

i'll check out your radio station, as well!

Anonymous AARYN said...
Thanks for the words! It really is comments like this that make it worth while.

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...

Anonymous Cope _Dog18 said...
LOL it seriously puts EVERY radio station in my area to shame.