Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Alright, time to dig in the crates! No theme today though.. whatever plays gets posted.

Avenue D - "Do I Look Like a Slut"

Avenue D is a female electroclash duo from Miami, Florida, based out of NYC and consisting of Debbie and Daphne D. The band are proteges of Larry Tee, and perform for his notorious parties. Their music is an energetic, humorous and sexually-explicit mix of rap, electro and new wave. They began in 2001, as part of New York's electroclash movement. Their records are all home-manufactured (with the exception of their single "Slut?") and are pressed on CD-Rs with home-printed stick-on labels. Despite this amateurish method of production and distribution they have still managed to sell approximately 50,000 records worldwide. source: wikipedia

Imani Coppla - "Legend of a Cowgirl"

Now how can anyone NOT remember this suprising hit from 1997?
Im sorry but any song that says "aint no thing but a chicken wing"
is alright with me! JJAAAMMM!!

Flexy - "Mamasita"

I couldnt tell you anything about "FLEXY" but I CAN tell you that this is an AWESOME track. Apparently it was pretty big in Europe in summer 2004. Fun upbeat dance tune! Another jam!

Salt N Pepa - "Brick Track vs Gitty Up"

Way back in 1998... before the term BASTARD POP even existed... this mash-up between "ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL" by Pink Floyd and Salt N Pepa's "Gitty Up" was released as the first single off SALT-N-PEPAs GREATEST HITS CD. The album was released throughout the world (except in the country they are actully FROM). Proof once again that the american music scene is ass.
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