Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Its SPARK*SHUFFLE day! Any genre is fair game... shuffle is on, first 3 tracks.

MC Luscious - "Boom I Fucked Your Boyfriend"

The 1992 classic. Also known as "Boom I Got Your Boyfriend". I prefer not to censor music. AND YES, the song is just as gay as the album cover.

Peach Union - "On My Own"
(Also known as Peach overseas)
Unfortunately this is no longer in print, but this is the first and only single in the US by Peach Union "On My Own". Radio-friendly, filled with a steady synth beat, horns and superb vocals by Lisa Lamb. This track received decent airplay in late 97/early 98, but the group was soon forgotten after that. Three other singles were issued elsewhere around the globe ("From This Moment On", "Made In Vain" and "Sorrow Town" ). Peach Union disbanded shortly after the album AUDIOPEACH.

Berlin - "Metro"

80s synth pop at its best!

I still think the new version blows.
Anonymous xolondon said...
Love your site! LOVE. it.

That Berlin song is a real fave. I also love "Sex" from that record.