Thursday, January 05, 2006
voulez-vous danser?
HALLO and WELCOME to the ALL-NEW SPARK*POP. Everyone welcome Terry (ElectroPopJunkie) to the SPARK*POP team! This blog is now officially half his! Getting him on board was quite a coup. I was even willing to change the name of this blog and start all over on a brand new blog with him. I figured if theres a new name, people will catch on to how big of a change this is exactly. Well he insisted that we keep the same name, redesigned the site and now, its launched! *BIG CREDIT AND PROPS*

I hope everyone enjoys the ALL NEW SPARK*POP! Dont forget to comment to the posts. The comments are what keep us going. Let us know what you think! Dont be a stranger ; P>



Cyndi Lauper - "Time After Time 2006" (J&C Remix)

SPARK*SHUFFLE: (yes, I have to name EVERYTHING)
Diggin in the crates if ya will.... Heres what dance songs iTunes chose on random...

Roberta Childs - "Dreams"
Genre: Pop Trance, Euro
Label: Jellybean
Released: Late 02 / early 03

Lasgo - "Only You"
Genre: Pop Trance, Euro
Label: Robbins
Released: Early 05

Tori Amos - "Jackies Strength" (Wedding Cake Radio Edit)
Genre: Pop Trance, Club
Label: Atlantic/WEA
Released: Feb 1999

bt - "Somnabulist"
Genre: New Breaks, Electronic, Trance
Label: Nettwerk
Released: Mid 03