Friday, February 03, 2006
FREESTYLE FRIDAY (no, not rapping)
BUT FIRST: What *is* freestyle?
Remember the old school technoish songs from the roller skating rinks in the late 80s? You know within one second when your listening to freestyle.

Wikipedia defines it as :
" a fusion of the vocal styles found in 70s disco music music with the syncopated, synthetic instrumentation of 1980s electro, as favored by fans of breakdancing. It was also influenced by sampling, as found in hip-hop music. In the 90s, the electro and hip-hop influences were supplanted byhouse music. Freestyle music based on house rather than electro is sometimes referred to as freestyle house."

Debbie Deb was discovered at age 16 in her hometown of Miami by a producer named "Pretty Tony". He had started his own group consisting only of himself by the name of FREESTYLE. He released a few songs on his own and scored a hit with "DONT STOP THE ROCK" (featured below). He then shifted gears.. sort of. Kept the music, changed the singer and that brings us to DEBBIE DEB. She released a string of freestyle hits before parting ways with "Pretty Tony". He hired in some imposters and what not but ultimatly ended up going to jail on drug charges. Classy.

Freestyle - "Dont Stop the Rock"

Debbie Deb - "Look Out Weekend"
Debbie Deb - "When I Hear Music"
Debbie Deb - "Funky Little Beat"