Sunday, February 19, 2006
I Can't Sleep At Night

Dannii Minogue's video for "I Can't Sleep At Night" leaked onto TV last week when it was available to purchase for 20p on the network NTL on Demand. Anyone who is anyone is eagerly awaiting the leak of the video / mp3 rip of the song...welll it hasn't happened just yet! But there are 2 remixes of the song floating around, of course!

Dannii Minogue - I Can't Sleep At Night (Friday Night Posse Remix)
Dannii Minogue - I Can't Sleep At Night (KB Project Remix)

*I really really like the Friday Night Posse Remix!
Anonymous Alexander said...
It's too bad that the single has been shelves. She needs to just release something already, esp. after Perfection (...).

Anxious to hear the original version!!

Anonymous leon said...
Rapidshare sucks - cant get it to work

Anonymous Ste Lee said...
i have an official club mix i recieved from the record company if you would like a listen/post??

Anonymous Ste Lee said...
I have the official radio friendly club version, would u like it sparkpop, email me :)

Anonymous Cope_Dog18 said...
Nice share Terry ^-^. I personally think Dannii and co made a HUGE mistake of releaseing Perfection (which is utter pants, video included) instead of this. I hope that "So Under Pressure" isn't as GREAT as they are saying it is *rolls eyes remembering how Nathen said "Oh Perfection is one of the best Dannii songs ever" LOL*.

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
Sure! Just e-mail it to

Thanks ;-)

Anonymous minogueboy said...
can you send me the club radio friendly:)mix of i cant slee at night?
thaNK YOU!

Anonymous Aaryn said...
minogueboy - Send?

This isnt a music store.