Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Almost 2 freaking weeks without a computer. Lets hope THAT never happens again.

LUCKYFRU recently alerted me to yet ANOTHER remake of "The Glamourous Life". It just so happens that this remake is BRILLIANT! Total electropop brilliance! (OK, I dont really know anything about the artists and im not feeling too ......wordy... right now so you can make up your own bio) ;)>

T-Funk f/ Inaya Day - "The Glamourous Life"

T-Funk f/ Inaya Day - "The Glamourous Life" (Mr Timothy Remix)
Anonymous luckyfru said...
inaya day has done a lot of dance anthems.


look at her track history.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
I tried to look at her bio before I posted this but the site did not load correctly. If a site isnt Firefox friendly, I dont use it.

Anonymous Joshua said...
OMG I love the Glamorous Life!!! Have you heard the cover that EDEN'S CRUSH did?? AHAHA Oh, Eden's Crush. LMAO