Saturday, February 04, 2006
oh GOD! Did he REALLY post THAT?
Hell yeah I am. With rumours swirling as to a tour supporting a Spice Girls Greatest Hits and NEW MUSIC to be released this year, I decided it is time to a take quick look back!

Skeptical? Now this is the 2nd time a reunion rumour has popped up within the last year. Still skeptical? The BBC reported on it. Also, Geri has been seen IN PUBLIC for the first time with various bandmates recently. The first time EVER since the split-up. How about that report from YAHOO!? Oh yes, this MAY actully happen people. Its also reported that dykey spice... err Sporty Spice aka Melanie "one album wonder" Chisolm will not be reuniting. If I had to pick ONE not to be there, it would have been her anyway.

Forgive me for getting my hopes up the possibilty of new Spice Girls songs..... They sure as HELL wont be about POSITIVITY crap and what not. They have all been on top and fell to the bottom again. Yeah.. the positivity is long gone. I think we are gonna see a whole new Spice Girls emerge. They will never be as big as they were... but it would sure be fun!

Spice Girls - "One Of These Girls" B-Side
Spice Girls - "Outer Spice Girls" B-Side
Spice Girls - "Who Do you Think you Are" From debut album
Spice Girls - "2 Become 1" (Spanish version)
Spice Girls - "Leader of the Gang" (dubbed from Spiceworld) Never released track
Spice Girls - "Let Love Lead The Way" Single from FOREVER album
Spice Girls - "Tell Me Why" (Thunderpuss Radio Edit)
Promo only remix

(SORRY: zShare was being a pain in my ass today)

oh... and im OFFICIALLY declaring SPARK*POP
I promise I will keep you updated on any and all Spice Girls-related news (of which, there will be lots)!

Anonymous Cope_Dog18 said...
Although I am a HUGE fan of the SG (they are my fav group of all time)....I really can't see them getting back together since
1. Emma is due to release her 3rd solo album next year (which I can't wait for ^-^).
2. Geri is preagnant and will be delievering this year.
3. Mel B and Mel C have stated time and time again they are NOT interested in any future SG projects.
Sorry to burst your bubble

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
lol oh god you did post it :P

not a fan of SG, but its coool you like them Aaryn!

Anonymous AARYN said...

we'll see my friend.

Anonymous FJ said...
aaryn contact me on need to ask u something in private ;) or tell me if u have naother way i can contact u on .


Anonymous Cope_Dog18 said...
Yeah I guess we will indeed Aaryn ^-^! I also just wanted to say I made a BIG mistake in my first post lol. That is that Emma is planning on releaseing her 3rd solo album THIS year, not next year thank god. Supposedly the first single will be released in March /April and her new album will have a Latin feel.

Anonymous Marty said...
I genuinely do think that there will be something before the end of the year! And I have been saying so, and being shot down by everyone I tell, but I shall be dancing on their figurative graves, quite probably to Stop, Who Do You Think You Are? and hopefully a studio version of W.O.M.A.N.