Thursday, February 02, 2006
Spark*Mix: Somnambulist

Back in 2003 BT put out a very good album, entitled "Emotional Technology". It features a lot of harcore electro stompers, and I just love these two songs the most:

BT - Superfabulous
BT - Somnambulist

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INFERNAL hail from Denmark, and not too long ago they released the International Edition of the "From Paris To Berlin" album. It features new songs, remixes, live versions, and 2 music videos! It's all a very good deal if I might say so myself.

Infernal - Loved Like A Maniac
Infernal - A To The B

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Anonymous AARYN said...
Im sorry but BT has to be a freaking homo.

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
I hope so! *swoons* :P

Anonymous Sakis said...
he's good but i just loved his Kirsty Hawkshaw collaborations ("Dreaming" and "Running Down the way up"). You should feature some Kirsty Hawkshaw tracks here(she's on too!), she's amazing and her new album Meta Message is a great collection of some of her most famous collaborations.

info on her at

Anonymous Veedz said...
Kirsty rocks, this is true. I'll be posting some Kirsty tracks on funkylicious*grooves relatively soon. Eyes peeled.

As for BT taking it in the bum... With hair like that, and a track titled "Superfabulous," how could anyone think otherwise?

Anonymous Cope_Dog18 said...
LOL for funny Mr. Junkie I actually have had BT's album for awhile myself when I heard Carson playing Somnambulist and I loved it....although Superfabulous is by far the best song. He needs to release a new album soon.