Monday, February 06, 2006

The SPARK*POP FM : TUNE IN TO WIN contest has officially begun! The best part is im not making you write any stupid essays or anwser stupid trvia questions! SPARK*POP is giving away 3 U.S. retail edition SAVAGE GARDEN cds!

Heres what you do.
1. Listen to SPARK*POP FM
2. Write down the FIRST, THIRD and FIFTH song artist/titles that plays
3. eMail your name, location, and the song titles ALONG WITH THE TIME YOU STARTED TUNING IN (include your time zone, please) to

Competition ends Feb 28.06
Anonymous Valtiel said...
Savage Garden? Come on boys, get with it. =P

Anonymous AARYN said...
HEY.... they are my favourite band. Dont get your ass beat.

Anonymous AARYN said...