Saturday, February 25, 2006
Its been a while since ive had this much good music to feature! All weekend check both SPARK*POP and SPARK*RETRO for a weekend of TRULY STELLAR tracks!

Unfortunatly I dont speak German so I cant tell you much about this 5 piece girl group (the song is in english however). I can tell you that this is a new Roxette remake (yes, another one). For more info or to watch the video, visit

Discoblaster - "Fading"

I had trouble finding out anything about the "artist". Its another remake/remix of an 80s song. This this its "The Look of Love" by ABC. High energy house!

2 People - "Look of Love"

Yeah, thats the new chick you see there.

"Gotta Be You" 2006 REWORKED

I really dont like that they reissued this album I think they should have released a new one. Its too... wierd. Your opinion?
Anonymous Susan said...
Thanks for the Sugababes song. I'd heard of them but never actually heard their music. I recently heard their cover of "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" and liked it, and wanted to hear more of their stuff.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
I recommend you check out their songs "Round Round", "Hole In the Head", "Push the Button" and "Overload"

Anonymous Cope_Dog18 said...
I found the whole reissue of the Sugababes album disgusting since they really included three new songs or rather versions we hadn't heard before. Amelle completly butcherd FMH and GTBY in my opinion, and I am not really looking forward to seeing either as singles (although I find it hilarious Amelle says slut in GTBY). If they were smart they would release "Now You're Gone" but that is supposedly going to be wasted as a B-side to the next single.