Sunday, March 26, 2006
10 questions with BIMBO BOY!
Recently, SPARK*POP had a chance to talk to BIMBO BOY whoses single "Drama Queen" was voted SONG OF THE WEEK and has reached #1 on many radio stations across Sweden.

Catch the video for DRAMA QUEEN, here!

We asked him 10 questions. Why just 10? Pop isnt supposed to be deep. Duh.

1. Who are you?
I am Bimbo Boy. A glamorous gay disco diva from Sweden.

2. Your claim to fame?
I just wanna be wonderful!

3. Anything new coming anytime soon?
"Drama Queen" is hitting the Swedish charts right now.

4. Coke or Pepsi?
None, they suck. Tastes like plastic... in a bad way. (EDITORS NOTE: The correct anwser was PEPSI :P> )

5. If Ace of Base and Aqua got in a fist fight... who would win?
Ace Of Base, for sure!

6. If you were a Spice Girl, which one would you be?
Posh or Ginger... or Bimbo spice?

7. Bimbo Boy? Where did you get the name?
Ever since I was a kid I looked up to sexy female artist and they were often called bimbos by the media and that's wrong. Sex isn't something bad. So I wanted to call myself bimbo to get a discussion started. Why aren't men called bimbos?

8. If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
Agnetha from ABBA or Marilyn Monroe.

9. How do your parents react when people refer to you as "Bimbo Boy"?
They think it's cool. They love my music and are very supportive.

10. Any final words?
Yeah, don't forget to sparkle! And check out my website if you wanna know more about me.

DRAMA QUEEN is available for order RIGHT NOW at

Since Bimbo Boy loves you all so much, he has made SIX songs available for DL for free!

Earthquake (1987 Flashback Mix)
I Wont Do It For Free (AND a REMIX)
Je Suis Une Superstar (2 REMIXES)
You (Are My Life)

I want to thank Bimbo Boy for his time and wish him the best of luck on the charts!
Anonymous Brooke said...
I've never heard of him, but since he made the downloads available, I will give him a listen. Thanks!

Anonymous sky_fits_heaven said...
"glamorous gay disco diva"??? LOL! What a ridiculous way to start an interview. No, really! What's up with this dude?

Anonymous DJ RyRy said...
god bless Sweden.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
skyfits - Have you listened to his music? What OTHER image could you conjure up? Glamourous Gay Disco Diva is defenatly no stretch.... LoL

Besides.... With questions like IF AOB AND AQUA GOT IN A FIST FIGHT, I dont think any more of an explanation is needed


Anonymous Alexander said...
He really is a bimbo! :)

Anonymous Zane said...
He likes aob so he is cool with me

I rate this guys talents highly. Hilarious, tongue in cheek and fabulous. What more do you want from a cheeky pop artist?

Loving your work mate.

KylieKaT x

Anonymous hervin lima said...
were is my psp

Anonymous hervin lima said...
were is my psp pleas tell me