Thursday, March 02, 2006
2000/2001 POP FLASHBACK!
As 2000 drew to a close, "bubble gum" pop was riding high in the US charts but it wouldnt last long. The backlash had begun by that time and even TIME magazine was predicting the demise of POP in the states. The nail in the coffin was IMO Sept 11th (Im not blaming 9/11 for the demise of pop, it was on its way out well before that.). The nations mood QUICKLY changed and it was reflected EVERYWHERE. When radio stations went back to playing music from the 24/7 news broadcasts, it wasnt happy music. No one wanted to hear chirpy teens singing about love and sex all the time. Go figure.

This is the music that was released around that time. I think these songs would have fared FAR better had the timing been different. High quality pop that was just timed wrong.
Anonymous FRQSTR=18931436x227807:1:10080|18931436|18931436|18931436|18931436 said...
Willa ford originally sung Not such an Innocent Girl which was VB's debut single! Loved Willa!
Oh and Clea's nu single will be available for american fans for a short time. Get it asap!

Anonymous Aaryn said...
Thanks FRQSTR=18931436x227807:1:10080|18931436|18931436|18931436|18931436!