Tuesday, March 21, 2006
note : updated! 3:30PM MST

And who are these WONDERFUL Swedes to my right? Oh why its ACE OF BASE! Ive been critized on here for posting too much Ace of Base.... as if theres such thing. Heres a NEVER RELEASED DEMO in HIGH QUALITY 320KBPS. This is the ONLY audioblog to EVER feature this track. It cannot be found on ANY CD, record or tape ANYWHERE. Im also featuring a megamix of tracks from their most recent offering "Da Capo". If you dont have it yet, I HIGHLY recommend you purchase it.

And to the AoB haters.... oh just you wait until the new album comes out. Ace of Base isnt just a band I happen to like. OH NO, im *OBSESSED*. I happen to know that ElectroPopJunkee happens to be a fan too.
Your in for it :D>

Stay Tuned!
More Ace of Base to come in the future.

Ace of Base - "Pole Position"

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Ace of Base - DaCapo Album MEGAMIX!

NOTE: Thanks to STAN and the great guys at


Anonymous sky_fits_heaven said...
Hehe, I'm still wondering... what happened to them? They completely disappeared from the american music scene! No new studio album since 1998. That's a LONG time!!! If they release something again in this side of the world, I ask myself if they're will ever have the same success again. I really like them, but the first thing that comes thru my mind when I think of the group is... so 90's! Let's hope for a great comeback and an updated sound.

Anonymous sky_fits_heaven said...
I got an error message. "You do not have permission to view this topic" :-(

Anonymous Aaryn said...
You have to register with the board. They have a LOT of great stuff thats been out since 98! It just hasent been released stateside. Im gonna edit this post and throw in the DA CAPO megamix (the megamix from their latest album!)

Anonymous Crimson Tears said...
Where's Linn?

She was always blurred in the background from the release of Cruel Summer and on? Did she get depressed and quit music.

I'm surprised that anyone making Ace of Base music could get depressed. It's too perfect for sadness.

Anonymous Aaryn said...

This is the original pic... before they Photoshopped her in


Anonymous Drake said...
Ace! Of! Base!

I got to meet their highness in Belgium in October. And they were so so very nice. I also got to see them perform! Go AOB!!! :)

Anonymous Joey said...
I have The Da Capo Album.. LOVE it.. bought it off ebay! after i heard this megamix poseted on another forum!

Anonymous Minnieria said...
WoW..get out...such a treasure. Never thought an Ace of Base message board was on the Web...a-duh!! Thank You so much for posting on your wonderfully delicious stupendious generous web offering!!

Anonymous Brooke said...
Wheeee, Ace of Base's The Sign was the very first cassette tape I ever bought, way back when I was in elementary school. I've been following their non-American stuff, Da Capo was an excellent CD. Thanks for the megamix (I always get a big kick out of megamixes) and for directing us to the Pole Position song! Please keep us up to date about any new AoB stuff that comes out!

Anonymous zane said...
YAYAY!!!! love em

thanks babe

Anonymous Gurumi`Sunday said...
WOoooooooooot!! So glad that you're posting AOB stuff! I've always been and will forever remain a fan of theirs :D Can't wait for the new album!!! I'm secretly hoping that Malin will make a strong 'come back' so to speak :D

Anonymous Aaryn said...
Linn who?