Thursday, March 16, 2006
and we're back.....
Welcome to the new Spark*Pop. Not a bad facelift, eh? Thanks Terry! (EPJunkee)

and as for YOU ALL..... SPARK*SHUFFLE.. then new music... then VIDEO!

Pretty Poison - "Catch Me Im Falling"

Michael Sembello - "Maniac" (from Flashdance)

Darren Hayes - "Darkness" (Behind the Darkness Mix) *AWESOME MIX!!*

TLC - "Im Good at Being Bad" (Dirty Version)


We gotta give mad proppage to DontStopThePop! They introduced me to Verbalicious.
Shes some teenager from England who had a rap/pop/hip hop single... it then flopped. Im afraid I dont know too much about her but this song KICKS ASS! I *LOVE* the THE CHORUS CHORUS part! Ha! ANYWAY, head over to DontStopThePop! for all the details!

Verbalicious - "New Kid"


DARREN HAYES - Darkness (Live)

NOW COME JOIN US (along with DontStopThePop! and ReallySayingSomething) in the POPTRINITY FORUMS!
Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
Everything looks fantastic!!

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
Hey the new layout looks amazing! *pats himself on the back*

Anonymous Aaryn said...
new look... same layout

and it does look awesome : D>

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
I need to delete one of those comments, I seem TOO proud of myself :-P

Anonymous Paul said...
It really does look good ~ its everything i dreamed it would be :) Keep up the good work. LOVING Darkness (the song not the band - ew) remix!

Anonymous Gurumi`Sunday said...
lol almost got blinded by the brightness XP But liking the new facelift :)

Keep churning those choons ;)

Anonymous FRQSTR=18931436x227807:1:10080|18931436|18931436|18931436|18931436 said...
Love it! More Verb is on its way on DSTP

Anonymous Greg said...
LOVE 'Darkness'. It's weird you posted that because only this week I dug out 'Tension And The Spark' and gave that a spin. It is an absolute stellar album.

Anonymous Greg said...
Also, where have I heard 'Catch Me I'm Falling' before? It sounds really familiar, does it have a sample?