Wednesday, March 15, 2006
the *BEST* radio station in America

The BEST radio station in America is KNGY - ENERGY 92.7FM out of San Francisco. Its a dance station that plays PLENTY of older dance tracks along with the GOOD new stuff (theres so little of it around right now).

Check out the most recently played tracks (as of this post).

HANDS DOWN the BEST radio station in America! AND THEY STREAM!

ENERGY 92.7FM - Move to it!
Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
No way! 1.FM totally beats them :-P :-D

Anonymous CV said...
Eh... to say that there is very little good music coming out is terribly inaccurate. All it really says is that you limit yourself to certain genres. Across the musical board, away from the mainstream, clearchannel dominated radio waves and video channels, there exists a profuse ammount of quality music. Try straying away from your comfort zone a bit. Expirament in new genres and find music from other countries in languages you may not know or understand. It may shock you how much GOOD stuff actually is around. ;)

Anonymous Aaryn said...
uummmm... I did ... thats how I found the DANCE/POP community. I posted a song from Croatia this very week *and* its in the native tounge!

prove me wrong. Whats good and been released STATESIDE in the recent past?

ClearChannel is the devil and why would I watch the music channels? They show nothing but crap.

If anything, my mind is closed to the MAINSTREAM. Check out my LASTfm and look at the last 6 months of this blog.

If anything, you just helped me prove my point.

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
"ClearChannel is the devil"

Loves it! :-D

Anonymous Aaryn said...
Im a radio nerd above and beyond all. The consolidation of FM radio has sucked the soul and originality out of local radio. CC killed my all time favourite radio station KZZP in exchange for a crappy cookie-cutter Kiss-Fm.

I took BIG offenese to that persons comment aligning my listening habits with ClearChannel.

and besides, If I was all about mainstream... wouldnt I be posting Kelly Clarkson and every other American Idol reject they are forcing upon the radio... not to mention HIP HOP.