Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Per Gessle's (pictured at left) website today read:

It's 20 years ago Roxette started conquering the world with the hit single "Neverending Love." Per and Marie finally go official with the info that this will be celebrated with a few new tracks! This summer they will travel to the now famous studio that produced "Mazarin," "Finn5fel!" and "Son of a Plumber," namely Christoffer Lundquist's - the Aerosol Grey Machine. How the new Roxette will sound is not yet determined as Per hasn't written any songs yet. "That will have to be on my spare time" Per says. Per also confirms, once again, that the infamous "RoxBox" will be released for the anniversary.

EMI's press release states the following:

EMI Sweden confirms all the articles about Roxette's coming projects in a press release today. Roxette will release a Greatest Hits album with one or two new songs that Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson will record together this summer. "It will be really great to go into the studio with Marie again," Per lets us know from Vienna, where he's doing Son of a Plumber promotion at the moment. "It's been a fantastic journey and I'm so happy to continue it together with her."
In addition to this Greatest Hits album there will be "The Rox Box" - a collector's box with the substantial Roxette history; the hits, previously unreleased material et. cetera, consisting of three CDs and a bonus DVD. "Twenty years, it feels like yesterday," Per concludes. "Time flies when you're having fun!"
The releases are planned for October.

source: http://www.sonofaplumber.com/
Anonymous Stars Collide said...
Woo hoo about this!! I hope the Rox Box has a bunch of unreleased stuff and not just b-sides that we've already heard.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
AGREED! Roxette has put out SO MANY Greatest Hits CDs... we need some NEW stuff!

Anonymous Marty said...
oh hurrah, it's about time.

what with the overload of shitty dance covers it's time thouse two got off their asses (hope she's over her cancer btw) and produced some new tunes.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
she is!