Wednesday, March 15, 2006
I'm With Stupid
Everyone knows who the Pet Shop Boys are, so no introduction there. They have a new album coming out this year, called "Fundamental". The new lead single "I'm With Stupid" was played on Swedish radio this week. It's really good! It's a lot like their classic sound!

Pet Shop Boys - I'm With Stupid
Pet Shop Boys - Flamboyant

Speaking of stupid, I'm really disappointed about The Modern's latest single "Industry" being disqualified from the UK Charts last week. The new single is an electro stomper, along with the other songs from the 4 track album EP! Hopefully next time around they can get the #1 they were going for.

The Modern - Industry
The Modern - Sometimes
Anonymous Aaryn said...


Anonymous Fercho said...
I have to be honest, as a big fan of The Pet Shop Boys: I wasn't expecting a song like this, so retro, but so Pet Shop Boys. I love it!!!, Can't wait for the release of this single, who's mixing it? may be Mr. Stuart Price...we'll know it soon.


Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
I think Richard X is involved somewhere! Hopefully they use Mylo too, his mixes are just orgasmic ^_^

Anonymous Stars Collide said...
I love the Modern! Thanks for posting and that sucks about the chart thing.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
any song talking shit about Bush is good to me!

Anonymous Jan said...
I don't really care for them, but I downloaded the songs for my husband, who's a fan. Thanks.