Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Temposhark. Who are they? My guess is soon-to-be one of Terrys groups when hes hear them (if he hasnt already)

Their MYSPACE describes them as "Dark Pop, Sassy Electro, Dub-Electro-Pop, Filmscore Chill Out and have been compared to people like Depeche Mode, Sparks, New Order and Pet Shop Boys".

I think the guy with the hat is damn fine (for a skinny boy).

Anyways, Imogen Heap even has done guest vocals on some of their tracks! They are a british group and has quite a few songs you can hear on their MySpace.

JOY and ITS BETTER TO HAVE... are my favourites. It sounds like Per Gessle of Roxette singing the latter of the two!!

Check them out! (MySpace)


TEMPOSHARK - Its Better to Have Loved

*bonus vid*

ATB - Let U Go
Anonymous Marty said...
i don't like his hat, it looks like it should be on a farmer when he's walking through his field with a bucket of sluffy in each hand...

musically, yes, yest quite interesting.

Anonymous xolondon said...
Any peeps of Imogen Heap are peeps of mine!

Anonymous Paul said...
ooo i read about them in Attitude - nice to hear their music finally :) Cheers!

Anonymous Neil said...
They've been playing the London scene for the past couple of years and they've released about 3 singles with another one coming soon. They've still got a big buzz around them so hopefully something will happen soon.

A cool 17 track demo album is already doing the rounds.

Great live too!

Anonymous Aaryn said...
ooooh! demo album!!!!

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
LOL! I added them a few days ago to myspace, funny how you mentioned them like this :P

Anonymous Aaryn said...
I heard JOY and was like YEAH... thats totally Terrykore....LoL

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
you know me so well ^_^

Anonymous Lee said...
LOVE LOVE LOVE this group. I added them to myspace. Will see them live soon, should be great. Thanx for introducing me to them!