Thursday, March 23, 2006
TORI AMOS : SOLO (upbeat and pop tracks) FINAL DAY
"Raspberry Swirl"
From Tori's more electric album, this is one of the two songs that good me hooked on Tori in the first place

From the GREAT EXPECTATIONS soundtrack. Who the hell knows what shes talking about but she sure sounds great.

"The Happy Worker"
A *wierd* upbeat pop track from the 1992 Robin Williams movie TOYS. Its fun and catchy though!

"Flying Dutchman"
An epic and whimiscal string driven vocal track. This song is AMAZING. It was to be on her first album but clocking in at six minutes, there just wasnt room. An AMAZING song. A-FREAKING-MAZING. I promise!

"In The Springtime of His Voodoo" (Hasbrouck Heights Mix)
Whats that you say? You want a house track about masterbation? Well here it is!

Talula (BTs Tornado Remix)
This song was featured on the TWISTER soundtrack. It only plays for like 3 seconds in the movie. BT (yes, THAT BT) remixed it and the album was re-released with the title "Talula (The Tornado Mix)"


TORI AMOS - Raspberry Swirl
Anonymous Brooke said...
Awesome, I don't have many Tori soundtrack or unreleased songs. Thanks!

Anonymous Aaryn said...
No problem..... these are more.. user-friendly... than most of her stuff

Anonymous sky_fits_heaven said...
Hey, I like Tori Amos! I can't remember you posting anything related to her before. It's a nice surprise! I am not a mega fan, but have some of her albums, including Tales from A Librarian and the recent one, The Beekeeper (which I didn't like). My favorite album from her is From The Choirgirl Hotel. When I first heard Raspberry Swirl, I was like...damn, that's freaking good song. She's very talented!

P.D. Her version of Kylie Minogue's "Cant Get You Out Of My Head" is sublime!

Anonymous Aaryn said...
THATS HOW I WAS with RASPBERRY! That and SPARK got me HOOKED! YES, the name of this blog IS A TORI REFERENCE. Actully its a throwback to my old webpage which I titled SPARK CENTRE. THAT was the Tori reference however :P>

anyway her last good album was TO VENUS AND BACK.

Shes lost her ifre... her anger... her spark.

Anonymous sky_fits_heaven said...
Hehe, I read your reply now. My thing with Tori started with a friend who liked her very much. And THEN...years later, I find out that another friend of mine likes her too and I thought...Who is this Tori Amos?! LOL! Then you know, I got the Tori Fever and bought the some of her albums. It's amazing when someone you know has the power to pass their taste on music to yourself. Don't know if you understood that. I'm not so fluent in english. Anyway, I hope her next album to be something different in a good way. Definitely, dont want another Beekeper!!! :-P

Anonymous PopMuse said...
PopMuse loves ya... have you seen PopMuse today?

Anonymous Davis McDavis said...
I have a few more suggestions for your list- these are some of her catchy, if not necessarily upbeat, songs:

"Rattlesnakes" - Strange Little Girls
"Taxi Ride" - Scarlet's Walk
"Sugar" - To Venus & Back (Disc 2)
"Caught A Lite Sneeze" - Boys For Pele

And her version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is great because I could finally hear what all the words were.

I wasn't so big on Beekeeper, but I really like Scarlet's Walk. I think Taxi Ride is my favorite. I can't say I understand half of what she's singing about generally, but then I've alway been a fan of he Cocteau Twins so Tori sounds remararkably lucid in comparison.

Thanks for all those songs! I had "Happy Worker," which I've always liked for its intense sarcasm (sarcasm is the new sincerity, I heard) but I didn't know about several of the other ones you have up there.

Anonymous Jan said...
I love all her albums.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
NO BEEKEEPER! Tori needs to get ANGRY again!