Thursday, March 23, 2006
That LUSTY gal you see to my left is none other than the screeching, piano-humping, Tori Amos! In 1988 she released one album with her band "Y KANT TORI READ". They got their name because Tori cant read sheet music.

Long story short, 2 singles released, both bombed, band disbanded and Tori went solo.

The one album that WAS released was filled was 80s GEMS that you wouldnt expect Tori to have anything to do with. She has since demanded this album never see re-release and has gone to great lengths to see that it doesnt happen.

Tori is one of those people.. either you get her or you dont. You either like her... or you dont. No in between. Well, Y KANT TORI READ is QUITE different. Its A LOT more commercial sounding and radio friendly. Its a full band. The pianos you here are mostly all synths. Very listener friendly. Check it out!

"The Big Picture"
the first single
"Cool On Your Island" the second single
"On The Boundry"



Y KANT TORI READ - The Big Picture

Anonymous Stars Collide said...
Wow, it's sad how much I'm liking these songs!

Anonymous Aaryn said...
haha! Its total 80s cheese!!!

Not what you expected eh?

Anonymous Brooke said...
I'm a huge Tori fan, I'm almost scared to hear these! Gonna give them a download though. Thanks!

Anonymous Jan said...
I kinda like "Cool on your island". The rest, not so much.