Friday, April 07, 2006
Just a quick update in the music world...

  • Dannii Minogue's new album will be a Greatest Hits featuring 6 brand new songs! The new single "So Under Pressure" hits stores on June 5th!
  • The Pet Shop Boys new album will feature the song "Fugitive" which is produced by Richard X.
  • Rachel Stevens has a new single coming out real soon, and it's not from CAGI!
  • BWO (Bodies Without Organs) new single "Temple of Love" is #1 on the Swedish Charts!
  • Dragonette's new album to be released in July 2006!
  • Goldfrapp's new single "Fly Me Away" will be released on May 1st

...and there you have it!

Anonymous Cope_Dog18 said...
Hmmm, well I can't say I am thrilled about the news with Dannii. My god she has recorded enough material for about two new albums, and she makes us wait all this time for a bloody GH, SPARE ME!!!! I am happy with Rachel releasing a brand new song though soon... I hope a third album follows soon ^-^.

P.S. I also am please with Fly Me Away being a single, although Lovely 2 C U simply needs to be released.

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
I'm not happy with the Dannii Minogue news either. I was (along with everyone else) expecting a NEW studio album. Hopefully it will be released later this year after the GH is out of the way.

Anonymous Brooke said...
6 new tracks on a Greatest Hits? Why not add 6 more new ones and make it a full length release? Although I always cheer when artists give us real incentives to pick up a Greatest Hits collection by including rare, unreleased, and remixed tracks, this is just kind of disappointing.

Anonymous Joel said...
Since when does Dan have enough 'hits' to make a gh comp?

I guess that explains the 6 track thing.

I'm disappointed.

What a ho.