Friday, April 07, 2006
To make up for the lack of updates here are some treats for all of you ;-)

BWO - Temple of Love

This is the lead single from BWO's new album Halcyon Days, currently #1 in Sweden!

**Bonus Bodies Without Organs - Conquering America

Congrats! You found the hidden song! Pat yourself on the back :-DPlastilina Mosh - Millionare

I discovered this song a couple days ago, it's electro in Spanish with a bit of English thrown to balance things out. I know nothing of this group but would like to hear more if you know anything :)

SIKK - My Washing Machine

Please, fuck my wachine machine. No, really! Great song ^_^

DJ Tocadisco - You're No Good For Me

DJ Tocadisco is just so great, electro fantastic. ;-)

***Bonus Bonus Hidden song somewhere in this post, happy hunting ;-D
Anonymous split chick said...
Found it!

Anonymous Susan said...
I found it too!

I just love "Temple Of Love", it makes me instantly happy.

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...

Anonymous Drake said...
Soooomebody's been taking hints from my Myspace page! =P lol j/k

Love it all, Terry! :)

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
Actually, to be honest, I never liked Conquering America until I saw the video on your page Drake :-D ;-)

Anonymous Drake said...
Yayyy, that's awesome. Glad I could spread the joy!

I'm not sure about Plastilina Mosh -- it was more reggaeton than electro...

(I'm gonna send a message on MySpace to you-know-who tomorrow lol)

Anonymous Fercho said...
Hi Everybody:

Thank u for sharing music with the world. I just wanna say something about Plastilina Mosh:

They're from Mexico.
They have recorded about 4 albums and a few months ago they released a dvd and a double cd of their hits. They're more famous in Latin America and US. Love their music. You shoulg get their hits album and listen to anothter bunch of really cool hip hop and electro pop songs like: niƱo bomba, peligroso pop, Mr. P-Mosh.



Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
Fercho, I thank you! :)

Anonymous moribia said...
Ouuu, I washing Mcahine that doesnt work can be a good thing!! Thank You.