Saturday, May 20, 2006
No PAY TV... no Roxane... and now a metal band with monster masks has won?

The Associated Press (the amercian press agency) ACTUALLY reported on it. I use the word "REPORTED" lightly here...

MY favourite line was...
"It's the Eurovision Song Contest, the annual kitsch extravaganza, known for its bland dance music and bubble-gum pop"

Thats EXACTLY how all pop and dance is catagorized here. What a load!
Anonymous Joel said...
CNN also brought it up, calling it a "sort of twist American Idol."

Yeah. Evrovision has only been around forever.

"CARL AZUZ: Watch your back, Backstreet Boys! EUROVISION - sort of a European twist on American Idol - includes everything from the sultry to the scary. European countries nominate a band, or artist for the competition, and it's obvious some belong in the spotlight. While others remain, well, out of its reach. But whether pop princesses or country connoisseurs, everyone gets to raise their voice.

JANE COMERFORD, COUNTRY MUSIC CONNOISSEUR: Maybe it's a sign of the times that people are ready now at this point for music like country music because country music is very much from the heart.

AZUZ: That's exactly what these guys like about it, particularly the heart-soaked romantic ballads! Actually, they're a hard rock act from Finland. They say the suits are just for show...and their groupies' taste in men is clearly monstrous!"

Then they went on to talk about a fat cat.

Anonymous Susan said...
At least they're reporting on could be a step towards being able to watch it over here (or even an American ripoff version).

Today at school one of my classmates who is from Finland was trying to explain to other classmates the ESC and Finland's win (obviously he was happy about it) but they didn't get it at all. Sad, really.