Saturday, May 20, 2006
the evolution of KILLER

The *fantastic* EYE-POD AUDIOBLOG recently opened my eyes to the song "Killer" by the Sugababes. Well, it turns out it was a remake. Please forgive me if im the *last* person in the world to find out about this.... LoL

It was first done by Adamski & Seal (Yes, THAT Seal).

A year later, Seal recorded his own version of it for his debut album. I still cant believe I like a Seal song.

Adamski & Seal - "Killer"

Seal - "Killer" (Seals remake)

Sugababes - "Killer"
(My favourite version!)

remixes tomorrow ;)>


SUGABABES - Killer (Live)

Anonymous sky_fits_heaven said...
Hehehe... ATB has a version too! :-P

Anonymous Aaryn said...
OMG thats the *SAME* song? Ive seen the title but nevr gave it a chance.

i suck.. lol

Anonymous ZANE said...

I love the sugababes version and love the 90's house piano influence added.

i was listening to this the other day and im hold on this does sound like a remake.

sugababes bsides have always been amazing. Like someone in my bed.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
OK, i just went and watched the VIDEO for ATBs version of KILLER. I prefer the 'babes version still. ATB is fine as hell though! The original LET U GO was awesome by him


Anonymous Aaryn said...
I LOVE SOmeone In My Bed! The EYE-POD site featured that song the other day too!

Anonymous Bulldoggy said...
George Michael did a good version too; An amalgam of Killer and Papa Was A Rolling stone, kiiinda like PSB's Where The Streets Have No Name/Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You...Good PM Dawn remix of it too.

Anonymous J'ason D'Luv said...
Yeah, George's version was on that Queen tribute EP originally, I believe.... plus it's on his greatest hits.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
DAMN!! Thats a lot of remakes!

Anonymous PopMuse said...
Yes but where is the best one? Hello, George Michael's cover is brill? When he opened his COVER TO COVER tour with that song I nearly had a stroke.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
I dont have it! I would love to hear it though!

I dropped the ball on this one