Monday, May 08, 2006
Obligatory Intro Post

Hey Everyone! I'm just writing a quick intro. Those of you familiar with Spark*Retro already know who I am. I contributed exclusively there up until its closure and have been brought on board here at S*P! I'm 25, live in Massachusetts (less than an hour from Boston), I'm somewhat of a musician, involved in several local projects, majored in Vocals in college, I love Retro and Pop music so this is the right place for me.

I would have posted sooner, but I've been really busy getting ready to perform a gig in NYC this week. I just wanted to say hi before I left tomorrow for the gig. I'll try to post something when I return and will try to serve up the best in Retro tunes as well as my pop favorties!

For more about me... Myspace and

it's great to be here. and I'll post something more substantial upon my return from NYC!

~DJ RyRy
(yes that's me in the photo... I'm single, boys hahaha)
Anonymous Zaney. said...
MMMM very sexy :P

Anonymous GunBuck said...
glad to see you on board here. and you're total hottie!

Anonymous DJ RyRy said...
thanks, you guys are too kind... it's fab to be here :-)

Anonymous Zaney. said...
Let me add u to myspace

Anonymous Aaryn said...
add me too dammit!