Thursday, June 08, 2006
I dont care HOW you get the money, steal it from a siblings piggy bank, whore yourself by the airport, sell someone elses organs... DO WHAT IT TAKES to GET THIS ALBUM! Ive pre-ordered 2!

This is the anwser to my prayers. This is the anwser to ALL of our prayers.

Dont like Nelly Furtado? Good. It will make it that much more sweeter when you do finally see the light.

But seriously, *THE* album of 2006! The BEST album since "Love Angel music Baby". Of the 3 singles they have released worldwide, NONE of them are the best (or even in my personal top 3). THIS ISNT THE FOLKSY CRAP. This goes from electronic to retro to funk to rnb to ballad... its AMAZING. SIMPLY FUCKING AMAZING!

God IS a Canadian.

*UPDATE : I *love* Nelly's folksy stuff! Her 1st album OWNS... I was just trying to fight the non-believers arguments before they came... my bad!

Anonymous Susan said...
Hey, I liked her "folksy crap!"
But what I've heard from this album I like so I'll have to think about getting it.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
I did too! I was just pointing out that it ISNT the same type of Nelly! :)>

Anonymous impressaodigital said...
i don't like very much NELLY but if is true that she's from Canada, it's also true that she is portuguese from Azores...