Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Hakan Lidbo

Most of you are probably familiar with PAY-TV, they have really good songs... and a really good producer. Hakan Lidbo, the man behind PAY-TV, apparently has had this brilliant electro album out the entire time, if you're a fan of PAY-TV you'll remember the song "Sexy Robot" from their Pride EP. Apparently that song is a cover version! I recently acquired this album and I must say, its just like listening to an entire Pay TV album! The songs ALL scream "PAY TV".

Hakan Lidbo - Sexy Robot

Hakan Lidbo - 21st Century Boys And Girls

Hakan Lidbo - 100 Specimen

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
I forgot to mention..!

That link will tell you all about the album. :D

Anonymous Jupiter said...
Very cool, Thanks for the music :-)

Anonymous Jupiter said...
very cool, Thanks for the music :-)

Anonymous FJ said...
i had no idea sexy robot was a cover !

thanx for this, nice find <3

Anonymous taika-kim said...
Hey, very cool electro cheese :D