Friday, June 30, 2006
The Bum Out Eternal, like most catchy and contagious pop music, was birthed during the summer. In 2004, childhood friends Blake Healy (programming, production, engineering) and Eric Engblade (vocals, guitar) began collaborating on computer based synthpop in Ludington, Michigan while the two were free from school. Healy, tired of recording dance music and playing in indie rock bands, took cues from The Postal Service, Depeche Mode, The Beach Boys, and Styrofoam while creating glitch-riddled malfunctioning pop gems. The collaboration was short-lived; at the end of the summer Engblade returned to school and Healy moved to Los Angeles.

After a failed attempt at a long distance collaboration with Engblade, Healy enlisted co-worker Kristy DeMarco to cover vocal duties. DeMarco's melodious vocals greatly complemented Healy's sleek production and pop sensibilities. Healy dug deeply into songwriting and production to quickly finish an EP. The five-song Synthetic Joy was completed in the spring of 2005, released on September 27th, and digitally distributed by Avatar Records. Featuring vocal performance by both Engblade and DeMarco, the EP begins humbly with the groundwork laid by The Postal Service and Styrofoam before traversing into Dance and purely Bubblegum territories; a new tech-pop for the 21st century.

The summer of 2006 finds The Bum Out Eternal putting the final touches on their first full length Promises And Hearts. The glitchy beats and pop melodies can be compared to new music by Lily Allen, CSS, Junior Boys, and Diplo. Look for the new record in September.

"Lines Through Lines"

"Promises and Hearts"


Anonymous Martino said...
i keep reading that as the bum out of eternal.. and wondering which of the girls you are calling a bum!

Anonymous lelumi said...
Ouu Bumed Out Eternal....Yes please may I have another. Thank You for pointing them out to us (internet folks)!

Anonymous lelumi said...
Bumed Out Eternal, yes please may I have some more. Thank You pointing the Internet folks to them. I like it mucho!