Monday, June 12, 2006
since I'm kinda in the dark when it comes to what's the latest and greatest in pop, I'm posting an entry about what I DO know and what I have the most of in my music library... RETRO!

these tracks really need no further introduction.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood- Welcome to The Pleasure Dome(album version! 13:40)
from the album of the same name

Wham!- Young Guns (Go For It!)
from the album "Fantastic"
(I was so tempted to post "Wham Rap [Enjoy What You Do]) Whoops.

Electric Light Orchestra and Olivia Newton-John- Xanadu
from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Xanadu (Steve Anderson DMC Club Mix)

Human League- The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
from the album "DARE!"

Phil Oakley- Together in Electric Dreams (theme to the film 'Electric Dreams')


Frankie Goes to Hollywood- Relax (BBC/MTV Banned version!)


~DJ RyRy
Anonymous Aaryn said...
the Wham rap is HORRID.

Anonymous george said...
is it so HORRID, or is that Bad to Be HORRID

Anonymous DJ RyRy said...
I LOVE Wham Rap! it's almost 7 minues of pure... cheese! Gerorge Michael trying to rap... and sing in falsetto. brilliant.

i have the whole debut album of theirs, it all kinda sounds like that... lol

Anonymous Steven (luckyfru) said...
OMG... i have no idea why MTV would ban that frankie goes to hollywood video! (i feel like i need to shower after watching that one)

i'm gonna snag the wham rap to try it out :P i still have the american album on vinyl that i put on occasionally

Anonymous MisterB said...
Oh, damn! I wanted to download Frankie, but it's offline! I'm not able to buy it on iTunes, too, because it's too long! Damnit! :(

Anonymous MisterB said...
Thank you very, very much :)