Thursday, June 01, 2006
Introducing SPARK*TONES!

These are MP3 files that can be used as ringtones (assuming your phone supports that sort of thing). I know how LIMITED ringtone selection can be so I hope this brings some happiness to you guys and your phones! ALSO a BONUS from They Might Be Giants in dedication to EVERYONES favourite domestic spy agency! (this was made by the band exclusivly for use as a ringtone)

One tone from each of the decades we feature!

80s - TALK TALK - "Talk Talk" 30sec
90s - WILSON PHILLIPS - "Hold On" 29sec
00s - PAY TV - "Refrain Refrain" 23sec
Bonus - THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - "NSA" 30sec

*Note: you must have your own way of transferring ringtones to your phone.
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