Thursday, July 06, 2006
Into Your System!

Yet ANOTHER 80s throwback electrostomper has worked its way down the pipe and this time its from ELIZE (of "Automatic" fame).

Brilliant. Bloody freaking brilliant.

Elize - "Into Your System"



Anonymous kerin said...
Thank You Thank You Thank You. Eliza, it aint much if it aint Dutch!

Anonymous Meliason said...
Ouu Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You. Eliza always comes through, sort dont like the accompanying vocal dude, do I dare ask i s that the guy from Aqua? Still Eliza is great and so are you! (I dare someone to challenge your greatness)

Anonymous Aaryn said...
It sounds like she was channeling Ace of Base on this track.... but thats just my opinion ; )>

Anonymous Bas said...
as far as i know this isnt the single version, its a live version but if u want the single version lemme know...this is really a great blog :) Keep up the good work...oh and elize is planning to release an album soon ;-)
If u have time visit my blog ;-) i got inspired by some other popblogs :) (its in dutch lol but i guess u know how to dwnld the mp3s)

Anonymous Bas said...
if ur interested:

The official videoclip