Tuesday, July 18, 2006
NEW ELECTRO ARTIST : The Polish Ambassador
Name: The Polish Ambassador

A.K.A.: David Edward Sugalski
Place of Birth: Unknown (rumors have circulated that he is in fact a prototype of some robot from the future).

Influences: Herbie Hancock, Lionel Ritchie and the '93 Phillies.

Age: 25 (in robot years)

Height: 5 foot 11 (with madd hops on top of that)

Style: heretofore unseen

Projects: turning his parent's basement into a pimp

favorite juice: ecto cooler

Alcoholic beverage of choice: A retarded step-child (bourbon & dr. pepper) closely followed by A Hyperactive Retarded Step-Child (bourbon & red bull).

Preffered Gas Station: BP

Favorite Sexual Position: Bottom, Motionless.

Mini-Bio: As a young number-cruncher, The Polish Ambassador first showed signs of his inevitable greatness while schooling fools on his Nintendo Entertainment System. Posessing freakish finger-quickness he was, and still is, unbeatable at most games. The Polish Ambassador garners the honor of being the only living man with a lifetime, undefeated record at Track and Field. Also, his will to play games for a fortnight at a time, only taking breaks to humiliate his opponents and snack on some funions showed his potential to become the force that he his today in the
electro music arena.

Anonymous Felicia Cat said...
I've been listening to the PA for some time now. Good to see others are becoming aware of his sexually stimulating electronic beats. His beats are like a sybian for your ears. Thanks.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
I like his lips : )>

Anonymous ElectroPopJunkie said...
He is great! Another electro addition for me hehe

Anonymous sandy said...
lips are scrumptious. music is awesome. i'm in love. do you have his number?

Anonymous Aaryn said...
haha I wish! Hes fine for a skinny boy... hehe

I prefer svelt, not skinny, thank you very much.

Anonymous Aaryn said...
No one asked.

Eat a sandwich


Anonymous Jan said...
The PA seems to have found my musical G-spot.

I'm a fool for Pavlovian behaviour.

Check out 'London Telecommunicating' and 'Infiltrating the UN' if you haven't already. If you have, check them out again!