Monday, July 24, 2006
Zaney's Mix Bag... Whats New , Old And Coming

Whats New : Robbie has released his new single online and to the shock of many a new style of music. Cheeky pop music with a strong nasty dance backbeat. I personaly cannot wait for his new album to be relesed. now i wish i got tickets for his tour.. oh well

shake you rudebox to this : ROBBIE - RUDEBOX

Whats Old : From her last album "Robyn" this eruo princess mixes pure cute pop with fab rap that is very hard hitting for a pop song. This is beyond cute and almost make you sick but its a classic that never was.

listen to this bitches : ROBYN - KONICHIWA BITCHES

Whats Coming : Jessica Jessica Jessica. What a fab new music change you have made. A Public affair is currently burning up the charts.. here is a darker look at her new album. Can't Wait To Hear the album

oh b.o.y dance to this : JESSICA SIMPSON - B.O.Y
Anonymous Aaryn said...
YAY! Pepsi bottles!

Anonymous Zaney said...
i did it for u babe... i knew u would like it