Friday, October 13, 2006
The POP that America forgot.

Today im starting a new series of posts named THE BEST POP AMERICA FORGOT. Im going to feature songs that were big in the world since the most recent a-pop-calypse here stateside. 2001 proved to be the beginning of the end of the pop music that had ruled american airwaves for 5 years up to that point. A huge media backlash then started and the american music scene began to spiral in to bad hair and wannabe punk music. Horrible words like 'emo' and 'metrosexual' began to filter into american pop culture , and we all became a little dumber for it.

Americans, this series of posts are mainly for you (as these songs have been released elsewhere and many people already have them)

Heres part one :

Girls Aloud - "The Show"

Sugababes - "Hole in the Head"
This song supposedly did see a VERY limited american release. It supposedly charted on some dance chart but no one ever heard any airplay. More than likely, horrid promotion and PAYOLA were at work and to blame. The THREE album was supposed to be released stateside as well and never happened.

No Angels - "Feel Good Lies"

Anonymous PopMuse said...
i have this secret fantasy that Mutya will go to classes to lose her british accent, get facial plastic surgery ala Ashlee Simpson, change her name to something really american like Alicia Childs, and come to America to blow up HUGE! Mutya, are you listening to PopMuse?

Anonymous Veedz said...
Ah, "Hole in the Head." Probably the best Sugababes track ever, if you ask me.

It was actually fairly popular here in Pennsylvania, and I heard it on the radio quite a few times. Stores stocked hundreds of the CD-singles and sold 'em at 99 cents a pop. And people bought them. Good stuff.

Also selling for 99 cents around that time was "Scandalous" by Mis-Teeq. Those were the days, eh?

Anonymous Aaryn said...
I remember Scandalous getting HUGE play. I couldnt find Hole In The Head *ANYWHERE* here on the west coast!

Most radio wouldnt pick it up (glares at evil ClearChannel)

Anonymous Joel said...
Yeahhh. I have the US Hole in the Head single. It was backed by a remix by Armand van Helden. The artwork sucks.

I heard it on the radio when I was driving through West Virginia and just about pissed myself in excitemement. I'm still sad that Three or anything else hasn't been released here.

Anonymous TeKay said...
LOVE LOVE LOVE "hole in the head". I was a huge gaydar radio fan (was even interviewed on the station twice), and loved this and crazy chick by charlotte church. the clubs played the sugababes for a while in the summer. those were the days.

any church coming this way?

Anonymous TeKay said...
i don't think this is working. oh well.

love hole in the head.

club hit around here.


Anonymous Karnig said...
Aaryn -- no way!

"Hole in the Head" was a huge airplay hit in LA! I heard it all the time on KIIS (back when it was a pop station).

I saw the single all the time, too.

Anonymous Aaryn said...


You here in LA too?