Sunday, October 15, 2006
ROX : USA 2006!

It was confirmed by none other than Mister Per Gessle himself, the manly side of Roxette (not counting the haircuts over the years). Swedish newspaper Expressen had a whole article on it yesterday (in swedish). The Daily Roxette is offering an english translation (LOVE that site!).

Most americans have heard from Roxette in the past few days at least. Roxette's older hits like "It Must Have Been Love" and "The Look" still get decent airplay (not to mentioned are used in a few jingles). New music from Roxette is a different story.

In 2000, Roxette signed with Edel America Records and released their greatest hits titled : DONT BORE US, GET TO THE CHORUS with 2 "new" songs. These songs were not new at all. They had in fact been released a year prior on Roxette's HAVE A NICE DAY album (which was not released stateside). The first version of their greatest hits (with the same title, but different artwork) had been released 5 years earlier worldwide. Edel America Records went under the very same year and Roxette was once again without an american record company.

Since the live "Tourism" album in 1994, the USA would never again see a coordinated Roxette released with the rest of the world.

Until now.

To celebrate the release and to continue with our POP AMERICA FORGOT series, heres a few choice UPBEAT tracks from the HAVE A NICE DAY and ROOM SERVICE albums!

BONUS : The remix that brings their first single to full ANTHEM status
Roxette - "The Look" (Chaps Donna Bass mix)

(Current single!)